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The connection between Blyth and Antarctica is a fascinating one. The community initiative utilising its rich history of exploration to transform young lives raised in difficult circumstances is a truly inspiring endeavour. I am delighted and honoured to give it my enthusiastic support. 

Sir Chris Bonington

Tall ships, adventure and active learning, all aimed at getting young people in to new jobs. This is an inspirational project for Northumberland and we should all back it.

The Duchess of Northumberland

This is an exceptional project. This story of the British first sighting of the Antarctic land mass deserves to be celebrated.

Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Antarctica was discovered by a boat from Blyth, Northumberland...

Almost 200 years ago Antarctica was discovered from a ship built in the small North East town of Blyth, Northumberland.

The Williams was built and owned by a Captain William Smith a man born and raised in Blyth. On the anniversary of this British achievement in 2020 it is The Williams Expedition aim to restore a working tall ship as the Williams II in Blyth at almost the same location the original ship was built and then to recreate the original expedition with a local crew sailing her south to Cape Horn and Antarctica 200 years after the original discovery.

The expedition aims to showcase the North Easts talent, engineering and technology on a world stage and in conjunction with Newcastle University undertake meaningful marine science.

We are recruiting for the expedition now. Join us!

Apply for Antarctic expedition now

Our Purpose

Through the inspiration of the discovery of Antarctica by a local hero, we want to provide hope for an entire community emerging from difficult times.

We deliver aspiration through mentoring and leadership and give back purpose to a young generation that deserves better.

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