Exploring our Future

Blyth Tall Ship project was set up to engage and inspire people of Blyth and the North East through the incredible exploits of the regions past maritime history. Blyth has much to be proud of and has many unsung heroes. Until this project was created, for instance, few realised that Antarctica had been discovered by a boat and skipper from Blyth. It is through these remarkable exploits that we can re-look at our surroundings, rethink how we view our home and our culture.

Over the years the charity has recruited hundreds of volunteers who work in family like teams on different projects, Archiving, Events Running, Knitting, engineering and sailing. Research has shown that these activities, in much the same way as our engineering courses can have significant impact on peoples well-being. Reduced loneliness, better health, a sense of purpose, improved self-confidence and self-actualisation are all outcomes that we have recorded. Blyth Tall Ship is now developing opportunities for specific groups of people to engage with these life changing experiences, so watch this space!

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